K.A.E. DO® is a complete and modern Filipino martial art focused on self-defence that improves the proprioceptive abilities of its user.

Regular practice of K.A.E. DO® improves, among other things, fitness, coordination, strength, balance, focus and timing.

K.A.E. DO® is a system of combat with or without weapons, it is logical, dynamic and has its origin in the study of the “DO” disputes, i.e. Filipino ways or styles of:

Kali Arnis Escrima

hence the name K.A.E. DO® …the path of the Filipino martial arts!


Bare hands or using weapons
Stick, double stick, telescopic stick
Swords and shields
Espada y Daga
White weapons
Improvised weapons/contemporary objects
and much more

Training objectives

Situational self-defence with or without weapons
Multifunctionality and dynamism
Pedagogy, logic, instinct, naturalness
foot and fist techniques
Disarmament, counter techniques
levers, keys, submissions, locks and pressure points
Coordination and reflexes
Optical and tactile reflexes