Sport: the best activity for teenagers
Doing sports, practicing a regular physical activity, is the best activity for teenagers who are at an age of physical and mental development. Kung Fu is both a sport and a fun activity that brings balance and serenity while managing stress and excess energy.

Kung Fu, a Chinese martial art for teenagers!
Kung Fu allows teenagers to deepen the Chinese martial art through its different facets: to develop physical capacities (flexibility, strength, vitality), to awaken the energetic potential through thousand-year-old techniques, to reinforce the will and to channel one’s energy by helping each one to find his way in perseverance.

It is also an excellent school of respect and virtue. The Kung Fu Kids school offers several classes per week to work on all facets of the martial art Kung Fu (philosophy, values, strength management, arm and leg strikes, self-defence, sequence of movements, keys, weapons…).

The development of physical condition, technical flexibility and specific strength training are integrated into each training session.