David Chenut

Siu Lam Wing Chun & KAE DO Trainer
Brief info

Every great journey begins with the first step!

"In order to surpass yourself, you have to get to know yourself, understand yourself, constantly question yourself and thus overcome the worst of your opponents. Yourself!"
Since my childhood, I have been a passionate follower and practitioner of sports and martial arts. These activities are an important part of my daily life and they bring me many benefits and a certain quality of life.
Whether it is in the accomplishment of daily tasks, in the areas of health, personal well-being, stress management and conflicts that everyone is facing today. What could be more natural than to be in motion both physically and intellectually?
By following the path of the martial arts, we gain not only the experience of life, but also the skills to live together better and a true appreciation of the human and social values so necessary in today's society. The motto should be: "always try to outdo yourself and be better today than you were yesterday, but much less than tomorrow".
I would like to share my passion with nice, dynamic and motivated people, if you are one of them then: "JOIN US!

Sifu & Master