As already mentioned, Kung Fu offers your child, like other sports, the opportunity to express his/her inner strength. Your child will increase (if you want) his or her strength, show flexibility and achieve a natural balance. And this is only the beginning As e.g. with:

Your child will have the courage to step out of his or her own “safety zone”. He will be ready to acquire more complex Kung Fu movements and skills. He will no longer be afraid to be afraid.

Abundant strength:
Your child will enjoy increasing physical strength. He will increase his stamina and acquire skills he never expected.

The result: improved academic performance, greater self-confidence and balance, both physical and mental.

These are just a few of the valuable energetic properties that will benefit your child through our “Kids with Punch” programme.

Powerful self-control:
Your child will cope better with negative impressions and have more respect for rules.

Improved concentration:
Your child will learn to focus and manage tasks better. Daily distractions will be a thing of the past!

Strong awareness:
Your child will build a strong awareness of his/her potential to meet life’s challenges with the right decisions.

The exemplary role of the teacher:
Our instructors are highly qualified Kung Fu black belts. They all have years of training and teaching experience. Today, our instructors are experts in martial arts and are among the best in their field. But not only in Kung Fu, but also in life our instructors have achieved a lot and can be proud of it.
The more confidence a person has, the less they have to fight. On the contrary: the person becomes calmer, more focused and more confident.
As you can see, we teach more than “kicks, punches and blocks.”

Our mission is to offer a complete approach to children, as well as a complete approach to Kung Fu, it is a way of life and is not limited to the duration of the training.
To achieve our goals with your child, we work closely with the parents and we also take a great interest in your child’s schooling.
Our training corresponds to your child’s education. We constantly encourage your child to keep improving and we appreciate every step they take. Your child will continue to develop with us with joy and gratitude.
Our experienced Kung Fu programme has developed many children into strong, confident and motivated individuals who take responsibility for their actions and have learned to set clear goals and follow them through to completion.
Your child will become more vigilant in the world, identify potential risks and learn to control them, because Kung Fu is the highest form of self-defence.
Everyone can learn Kung Fu!
Take the first step and we will take the others together!

Increase academic ability by increasing concentration and motivation

Self-discipline and diligence
Increase strength and fitness for body and mind
Managing dangerous situations
Assertiveness and self-confidence
Social skills
Balance, equilibrium, harmony

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